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Friday, December 31, 2010

Jumaat Cuti! Yeay!

Esok cuti! Yeay! Malaysia menang! Ramai orang balik kampung minggu ni. Highway kompem jam. Tapi saya dah balik dah minggu lepas.hehe. Walaupun cuti sok, saya tetap kena pergi ke fakulti. Kena la kuarkan sample dari vacuum oven tuh. Nanti hangus lak. Then, siang tadi supervisor suh siapkan several tasks before Isnin depan. Huh. Challenge tuh. Banyak gak benda kena pikir. Kena pikir title, nak fokus pasal ape, bentuk data yang nak ditelak, what can you tell from the results, the conclusion from the discussions. Chaiyok!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

I just don't get it!

"I just don't get it! People do act evil sometimes. I don't know... it's weird and awkward. Feels like I don't know them anymore. Who are they?? They are not like the usual. There's nothing wrong to sacrifice a bit. It won't kill. I'm very disappointed at this moment. I couldn't imagine how could they do that to other people. It's pointless! That's just not them. I don't know what came over them. It was like they are too ego to share what they have with those desperate people. I do understand how they feel. Desperate in needing help as a 'student'. Yes... very much thanks to her for giving me the help while I needed them the most. Now, it's my turn. I really want to do the same thing. Who knows.. maybe next time would be our own siblings. Urgh...I am very disappointed. Totally disappointed. Although it is a small matter, deep down you could see what people are after. When I ask others' opinion about it. Of course they would say 'manusia...biasa la...'. So why don't we act like not 'manusia' this time. Come one! It's not a big huge problem to share what you have with others. It won't kill you. You won't even going to lose it. You will get it back. It's not permanent. I mean...come on man!!! Urgh~ pointless ego s**t old dewasa stuff."

Hmmm...well..of one is perfect. We make mistakes. Ambil ia sebagai pengajaran. Seringkali kita tidak menyangka perbuatan kita ini sebenarnya sedang menyakitkan hati insan lain.  Percakapan kita menjatuhkan air muka sahabat kita sendiri. Seringlah mengingatkan diri kita sendiri berhati-hati agar tidak bertindak mengikut nafsu dan hasutan syaitan. Beristighfar adalah jalan yang terbaik...

Do your best! Show them what you got!

We have been postponing our yearly progress report presentation for 2 weeks already. That's not good. A lot of excuses were given on the actual date. However, it is one's own decision either to present on that day or not. If they ask me of course I would immediately answer no, if I could forever no. However, frankly speaking that definitely would not happen. By hook or by crook I have to present before the end of this month. Next week is the best week. InsyaAllah, I'll prepared myself to present my slides next Tuesday. It may not be the best slide, however it is the best slide for the time being. I have to strive for the best. Furthermore, I'll have an interview in Putrajaya for the scholarship application. In that interview I would be needed to present my slide in front of the panels. Therefore, it would be very beneficial if I managed to present before the interview day. At least I would be a lot more prepared. InsyaAllah, I'll do my best and hopefully I could make them accept and understand of what I am and what I will be doing for the next one and a half year.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Debaran Convocation 2010

Tomorrow! Seronok ada, takut pun ada. Macam-macam boleh berlaku esok. Harap semua berjalan lancar. Tidak pernah konvo ni buatkan rasa lebih gelabah. Can't imagine how the day would be. Tomorrow morning gotta wait for my family to arrive. I'll be going to the faculty with them already wearing the robe. I should really try to wear the high heels, kain baju kurung and all. Takut-takut esok susah nak jalan. Although baju tu dah pakai banyak kali. High heels tu pun dah banyak kali pakai. Takut jugak terpele'ot ke. Maklum lah. Dah agak lama tak pakai kasut tinggi. Asyik pakai flat je.

Don't postpone any tasks or you will definitely regret later.

Also, there are several things I've learned for this month. Attention, don't postponed any tasks, or you will regret later. This is one of my bad habit. I tend to postponed the simple tasks. Especially when it comes to financial management. I didn't claim the practical training elaun which I should have done it last year. So, I lose RM200. Then, due to buzy day I've sent the letter to claim last month's salary after the due date in which I didn't realize the actual due bad. I'm really seriously in big trouble for this one. Plus, I need to pay the academic fee on first week of this December in which I'm not sure if I have enough savings in the bank. I hope it is. Big probability it isn't though. Besides that, I didn't report to cancel my account for the broadband. So, it cost me RM250 although I didn't use the service at all. Huh! I never though the independent life would be this complicated. Therefore, I have to...really seriously have to change my habit so that I would never get into this situation again for next years. I really messed up this time. My bad... ;(

Monday, November 29, 2010

Pre Convo

For the convocation this Wednesday we've picked up the costumes including robe, hood and a mortar board. Of course I never use them before. This is my first convocation. My family will come on the same day. Also in the evening, we will have a studio photo-shoot for portrait pictures with my family. Hopefully everything will go on according to plan. Can't wait to meet everyone! :D

1st Time Convocation

This Wednesday would be my first convocation. Can't imagine how that day would be exactly. Never experienced it before. So tomorrow me and my friends need to go to faculty early in the morning to pick up the robes and all the costumes for convo. Then, we'll need to attend a rehearsal in the afternoon. Also at the same time I need to visit the lab to teach my mentee a little bit on the research procedure. Then, of course we are going to have a photoshoot wearing the convocation costumes. Can't wait for the big day!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Long Hours

It's been 2 weeks since we started our long hours study in lab. It is a bit creepy staying in the faculty in the night. The building is old..i mean old fashion kind of building. And we've heard a quite number of ghost stories lingering in the faculty or something like that.hehe. So for this early stage at 7 pm I'll go to Iza's lab instead of staying in my room all alone. Actually we do have a 'ghost' story and it turn out to be a funny one though.

Two days earlier, as we were going back home. There'll be a white cat waiting for us in front of the lab's door. I did try to recognize it. Looking closely at her eye to confirm that she is a 'cat'. Well, it is.. I guess. I always hope that she won't follow us as we walk down the corridor heading towards the elevator. If she does, I'll definitely run and use the stairs.
However, she does seem scared with us..I was thinking maybe even she is trying to recognize us either we are real 'human'.hehe.Hel said he knows the cat as she always at the faculty's cafe..ok..that's a relief.
Yesterday, the cat didn't appear but I saw her at the cafe in the afternoon. I hope it is her. Kinda miss no.
So, we'll see either she'll be there tonight or not. To be continued..wo~wo~wo~

Of course this is not her. This one too evil.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Johor Cuti-cuti

My senior had a wedding last Saturday at her house in Mersing, Johor. We convoyed 4 cars all the way from Shah Alam. Our beloved lecturers Dr Zu and Dr Ma came along bringing their family too. It took about seven hours to arrive there. 

Kak Aishah and her husband watching the tarian zapin performed by the kids.

Orang-orang kampung datang.

Small challetes was booked for the night. We didn't actually planed to stay there but seeing the beautiful beach, then we decided to stay. We had a barbeque that night while watching the final Piala Malaysia football match. Yap. Kelantan won. So Dr Ma very excited about it.

Barbeque at night. The menu include burger,crab filament, sausages,ikan bakar and nasi kenduri kak Aishah.

Barberque yang bajet agak tinggi.wah. Dengan sos pencicah keropok lekor.

Nasib baik sempat masak.

Ikan besar (can't remember the name) sumenye RM10..sangat murah berbanding beli kat pasar malam seekor RM5.

Kak Mazid and Dr Malik's cute daughter, Ain.

Our chef of the night Dr Malik.

Motor gedabak orang sewa sebelah chalet (xde kena mengena dengan percutian kami).

The next day, on the way back to Shah Alam we stopped at Ayer Hitam for some shopping. Ramai yang beli teddy bears and pillows. The prices are pretty cheap..not bad. Tengok semua orang bersemangat nak beli, saya pun beli la satu. Sebagai kenangan.

I bought a cute love shape pillow.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Rasulullah SAW bersabda mafhumnya: 
“Orang yang cerdik lagi berakal ialah orang yang merendahkan dirinya (dengan sifat tawaduk), di samping menghisabkannya dan beramal untuk selepas mati. Sedangkan orang yang lemah, ialah orang yang mengikut nafsunya dan bercita-cita kepada Allah beberapa cita-cita (angan-angan).” (Hadis riwayat Imam Ahmad dan Ibn Majah)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Instruments for Characterization of Properties

The list of instruments commonly used in journals when investigating the performance of polymer electrolytes in application of energy storage devices:

  1. FTIR (Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy)
  2. DSC (Differential Scanning Calorimeter)
  3. Tensile Test
  4. TGA (Thermogravimetric Analysis)
  5. IS (Impedance Spectroscopy)
  6. Cyclic Voltammetry
  7. Linear Sweep Voltammetry
  8. Charge-discharge cycling test
And many more. These are the common instruments used for characterization. The results can be varied into several different graphs depending on what you are researching for. Hopefully I'll get good and acceptable results for all the samples.

Link to identify the available instruments in UiTM Shah Alam:

I think this picture shows the students are investigating the relationship of resistance and voltage. From google la tapi.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Weekend yang tak sihat...huhu..

I felt a bit sick today...sejak balik kampung ni, sore throat, stomach ache. urgh~ climate change syndrome i guess. Sepanjang minggu ni pun cuaca agak panas. Temperature badan naik sikit. Rasanyer la. Kat rumah ni xde thermometer. hehe. So, I just stay at home watching Hindustan movie (yang saya jarang nak tengok...tapi cerita minggu ni sedap plak...sebab sindrom ni kot). Nak makan pun takde perasaan. Nak taip post ni pun pening-pening. Got no idea what to write. So, I'm writing nonsense.huhu. Ingar nak cerita pasal senior bagi tips dan nasihat sebagai seorang pelajar master. Dia berceramah panjang semalam. Tapi panjang sangat plak cerita nyer kang. Mood bagi tips tengah takde. Maybe next time. I'll write the tips for the next post. Petang ni kita tengok  movie je la ye. Sementara mengunggu entertainment lain. (mood ingin membuang masa).

Tengah sore throat ni nyanyi lagu Ramli Sarip pun best gak.haha.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Hastle Buzzle Day.

Today would be a busy hustle day as I'll be away from Shah Alam till this Sunday. Wohho! Balik kampung. So, I have to finished all the unaccomplished work for this week . The samples should be in stirring mode, the thin film should be put in the vacuum oven so that I can left it for this two days with no worries, submit the PGD and JPA application form and lastly meeting my supervisor for my journal title discussion. All that must be accomplished today. Good luck to myself and also to everyone!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Macam-macam Dugaan..namun...

Yesterday was a hectic day. Me and my friend were asked by our supervisor to conduct a class as he got some business to deal with. So, I've planned to borrow Kak Em's scooter to go to the class (Plan A) as the class is pretty far fro my faculty. However, suddenly the scooter wouldn't start. I don't know why. Even a guy nearby has tried starting the engine but he also can't. So, I borrowed Hafi's motorcycle instead (Plan B). Ok..the engine can be started easily. As it was less than 5 minutes left for the class to start, I accelerate and drove faster and used an illegal short cut (which this short cut is actually a one way road..risky that one). On the way, I was nearly put a scratch on a red Honda Civic that parked (also illegally) at the side of the road. Alhamdulillah..I managed to avoid that car. Then, when we arrived at the faculty we took a long time to figure out where the parking spot for motorcycle. Yap..the parking spot was a bit too far for me. So, I just parked someplace nearer (which my motorcycle is the only vehicle parked at that row). I was just hoping the guards won't see our motorbike. Then, Alhamdulillah..we  managed to arrived on time. 
So we've been tested with a lot of hardships that really test our patience. And the hadiah is we were able to have our lunch at out favourite restaurant not long time ago..before we move to the current house. Plus, our supervisor gave us elaun (a.k.a. treat) for helping him conducting the class.

This is not me of course..hehe.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ayam Masak Kicap

I cooked ayam masak kicap for dinner tonight. This is a simple recipe, not much ingredients needed.

Ayam (potong kecil-kecil)
1 biji bawang besar (dimayang)
1 ulas bawang putih (dihancur)
2 cm halia
2 cili merah (dihiris)
Kicap Manis/Masin (Tambah kicap pekat pun boleh)
1 sudu besar Sos Tiram
Sedikit minyak

1. Tumis bawang dan halia. Tuang kicap dan sos tiram ikut rasa. Biarkan kicap masak dengan api perlahan (kuat sangat api boleh buatkan kicap hangus~tips kawan saya)
2. Masukkan ayam, tambah air dan biarkan 10 minit (bagi lemak minyak ayam meresap keluar ke kuah).
3. Masukkan cili merah, sedikit garam (kalau guna kicap masin, kurangkan garam). Biar masak sehingga kering mengikut citarasa.
4. Sedia untuk dihidang.

Ayam Masak Kicap yang mudah. 
Maaf gambar kurang memuaskan sebab ambil guna kamera handset saje.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Spageti Bolognese

Spageti Bolognese a.k.a Sos Daging. Saya masak spageti ni beberapa minggu yang lepas. Measurement ingredients saya tak berapa ingat sebab saya pun main masukkan ikut rasa. So, bahan-bahan dia boleh la saya ingat. Hasilkan sangat sedap!

1 paket spageti
10 biji buah tomato (dicincang)
1 paket daging cincang ~500gm
5 sudu besar sos tomato
1 sudu besar sos cili
2 biji bawang besar (ditumbuk)
1 biji bawang putih (ditumbuk)
1 tin cendawan butang
3/4 mentega ~150gm

1. Rebus spagetti dalam air. Masukkan 1 sudu minyak dalam air tersebut (mengelakkan spageti daripada melekat antara satu sama lain).
2. Masukkan mentega. Tumis bawang-bawang. Campurkan semua sos, tomato, cendawan butang, daging cincang. Kacau hingga sebati.Biarkan masak sampai naik minyak. Tambah air jika perlu. Letak garam.
3. Toskan spageti yang dah lembut direbus. Makan dengan sos tersebut.


This is the spaghetti I've cooked. Goodluck!

Hell's Kitchen!

"Dear me,
I'm kinda depressed right now. This is all happened in the cooking. I'm a bit mad for them not listening to me when I told them to do so. They'll say that it is too much. That's too over...bla..bla..bla... Now looks what happened. Sigh...when it comes to cooking there should not be more than 1 chef."

Those are my feelings this evening. However, now it was nothing but a bump on the road. Everyone make mistakes even myself who often forgetting stuff and all that. That's what friends for. We should help each other, sharing, caring, forgive and forget. Of course some cases it is important to put ourselves first. Nonetheless, it won't be a crime to help others. Plus, we will definitely experience the joyfulness of having your friends with you. The Cadbury commercial motto, 'Share the joy'. The more the merrier.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Nasi Lemak

This morning we cooked nasi lemak. We already have the sambal ikan bilis from a dinner we attended yesterday. So, lets skip the sambal. I'll only explain the recepi for nasi lemak. Next time, we'll discuss on the sambal.hehe. We used the concentrated coconut milk (in box) because that's the only coconut milk available in our house.

Nasi Lemak:
3 1/2 cawan beras
3/4 santan kotak
1 ulas bawang putih (dimayang)
1 biji bawang merah (dimayang)
1 inci halia (hiris halus)
3 helai daun pandan (dicarik-carik dan diikat)
Sedikit garam dan gula

1. Masukkan semua sekali dalam periuk nasi (periuk nasi elektrik pun boleh). Tambah air sampai sama sukatan seperti masak nasi biasa. Lebihkan sikit pun boleh juga.
2. Pastu biar masak. (tips of the day: jangan samapi hangus.)
3. Rebus la telur rebus. (biar lama sikit, kalo tak, nanti lembik)

Gambar hiasan. Tak terambil gambar sendiri. Lapar sangat.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Selasa Malam Ini

Argh! Bencinya perasaan ini kembali lagi. Perasaan ingin melaksanakan sesuatu lebih dari apa yang saya capai sekarang. Saya sedar usaha yang saya berikan pada waktu ini tidak mencukupi. Rasa tidak puas dengan kerja yang telah dilakukan tiba-tiba muncul. Sangat benci akan perasaan ini. Ecceh...tetiba layan perasaan. Tak tau la kenapa. I would like to move forward. But I don't know how! When! Where! Camni je ke?? Ini je ke?? Urgh...boleh pecah kepala begini. Saya duduk menaip ni tengah nak buang masa tak tahu nak wat apa yang lebih berfaedah lagi dah. Hummmm...kalo ikut kan, tengah melanjutkan pelajaran ini sepatutnya saya membaca, mengkaji berkenaan dengan projek saya. Malas??Yap. memang ada. Sifat malas ni la yang menyuruh saya untuk terus menaip dan membuang masa menaip yang bukan-bukan ini. Makan??dah kenyang dah perut. nak belajar. habis tu? kenapa tak nak start lagi nih? Belajar la wahai diri ku. Haish....monolog lagi.Yap, saya suka monolog dan menaip mengenai perkara yang merepek. Nak tido, awal lagi. Nak lelap mata pun susah. Kalau bangun awal esok pun nak wat apa. Apa yang saya boleh lakukan? Jogging? Impossible...Swimming? Nop. Nak puasa la esok.Hm...........Ha! Dah ade idea. Selalu dapat idea ble menaip kat blog nie. Suke2.
Ape kate saya membaca sebanyak-banyak nya sampai faham dan keluar perkataan 'oooooo....' dari mulut. Itu menunjukkan perkara baru dipelajari dan difahami. InsyaAllah, ada hasilnya nanti. Yap. Gudluck!

Selasa Siang Tadi

Yeah! Finally i've decided to use poly(propelene), PPy. Gotta prepare the samples tomorrow..humph.tomorrow lar. Rini xsempat. Pergi fakulti lewat tapi balik awal..alasan nak berbuka.hehe. Tadi ada promotion untuk buat membership card Jusco di fakulti. Tanpa pikir panjang, saya dan kawan pun register dengan bayaran rm6. Dah lepas buat rase rugi lak. Yelar...bukannya sekali je bayar. next year kena lagi..normal price RM12 lak. Next-next year pun still kena gak. Kalo balik Ipoh, boleh je guna kat mak. Kalau kat sini boleh je pinjam kawan punya kad. HUh...tak pe la. Next time think first then you act. Terikut nafsu lak tadi. Yela...siap dapat goodie bag lagi. mana tak terpengaruh.
Pasal perkembangan projek banyak perkembangan nampaknya hari ini. Banyak berjalan-jalan turun naik lif fakulti je angkat rak buku dari bilik KP ke bilik kami. So, tomorrow kena la datang awal (iaitu pagi)...hopfuli la.hehe. Pastu, prepare as much sample as possible. Kalau boleh, at the end of this month, we should already have the results for this project. Faster is better. Yap! (semangat membara). (^o^)

Isnin siang tadi

Today I didn't accomplished much work. But, a new problem arise! I have to change the material to be used for my project because of its ridiculous expensive price. More than ten thousand ringgit to buy the material. Therefore I've decided to use the usual conducting polymer material, polypyrrole instead of ruthenium oxide (which is mostly used in millitary and space..haha i've found out its applications in the jurnals..and guess what! our country don't have spaceship.) Therefore, tomorrow i have to meet my supervisor to change the title too. Ask for his opinion on this matter. Hopefully this won't be a problem in future.

 Polypyrrole, PPy

Apakah yang saya boleh buat?

Hmm..(mengeluh..)walaupun ini bab yang baru.ada masa ada ku x tentu.oh.lagu ini bukan di radio setiap hari untukmu. lagu ini tidak perlu kau kembali kepadaku. Aku ok. lagu ini hanya ingin kau fahami.ku harus teruskan hidupku. semuanya cun saja..(dipetik dari lagu Cun Saja oleh Sleeq)
I love this song so much. Suka dengar sambil-sambil menaip nih. Saya sering terfikir..tambahan lagi usia makin meningkat ini. Banyak perkara yang ingin dilaksanakan. Semua impian ingin direalisasikan dalam jangka masa yang pendek ini. Persoalannya, apakah yang saya boleh lakukan?
Cukupkah usaha ku sekarang ini untuk menggapai impian yang dipegang sejak kecil... Setelah menamatkan persekolahan, impian dan cita-cita makin lama makin berubah dan mengikut peredaran masa dan keadaan sekeliling. Impian itu mungkin telah kita kecapi dan sedang dinikmati tetapi di dalam bentuk yang tidak kita sedari.
Semasa di bangku sekolah, kita sering menulis bertajuk 'cita-cita' dengan pengakhiran cerita 'hingga ke menara gading'..Tanpa kita sedari, impian itu sedang kita nikmati. Alhamdulillah, saya diberi rezeki melanjutkan pelajaran di universiti.
Walaubagaimanapun, hati ini sering tidak puas. Pelbagai lagi impian yang ingin dicapai. Masih adakah masa untuk saya mengecapi impian-impian ini? Bolehkah saya merealisasikannya? Mungkin tidak menyeluruh. Tetapi tetap ada. Pengalaman mengajar kita untuk lebih berjaya. Pengalaman memberi kita senyuman. Tidak mengapalah, apa yang saya perlu lakukan adalah usaha dan lakukan sahaja dengan apa cara pun. Tidak perlu memaksa mahupun mendesak. Everything will comes naturally in their own way.
Kita belajar dari kesilapan. Makin dewasa ini, makin sukar untuk kita memberi peluang kepada diri untuk melakukan kesilapan dan belajar dari kesilapan itu. Untuk berkembang kita harus berani. Express yourself.

Mahupun begitu, sebagai insan di muka bumi ini kita harus sedar akan batasan-batasan kita. Menahan diri juga adalah tanggungjawab kita. Di sini sememangnya impian-impian itu tidak dapat dilaksanakan. Ada hikmah di situ. Hidup di dunia ini adalah sementara. Sering kali ingatkanlah diri ini bahawasanya pengorbanan kita di dunia ini akan dibalas baik di akhirat yang kekal kelak. 'Biarlah mereka, walaupun saya mampu melakukannya, saya sedar bukan sekarang masanya, bersabarlah',
Kata-kata ini sering saya ingatkan diri saya apabila melayari internet dan menyelami kehidupan insan-insan di dunia ini yang terdiri daripada pelbagai lapisan masyarakat yang sentiasa berpusu-pusu mencapai kekayaan dan kebahagiaan yang sementara. Sabar adalah kunci dalam melalui kehidupan sebagai musafir di dunia yang sementara ini.


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Rumah Terbuka - Perancangan

We are planning for. This is our first time doing an open house here. First, we have to clean up the house in and out. Throw away any useless papers or boxes. Everyone have to participate. No shoes boxes allowed in the living room. The floor need to be mop.
Secondly, we've planned the menus. We'll do the shopping this evening. It should be enough with the budget. Goodluck everyone!

Haha. Our open house surely won't be this huge. You have to be a prime minister for that.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ragam-ragam Aidilfitri

These are several memorial pictures during aidilfitri this year. Alhamdulillah..raya tahun ni agak meriah bila kami sekeluarga dapat berkumpul ramai-ramai di pagi raya pertama. Pagi itu kami sedari betapa pantas masa berlalu. Tanpa kita sedari, semua adik-beradik sudah besar, dewasa, dapat berfikir lebih matang. Namun, masih lagi anak mak yang mom's eyes we'll always be a kid.
Saya juga telah belajar serba sedikit masak masakan khas untuk menyambut aidilfitri. Dengan tunjuk ajar pakar chef pemakanan saya iaitu mak, saya dapat mengendalikan sedikit hal dapur...dapat la meringankan sikit kerja mak. Bagi dia rehat lebih tahun ni..asyik kite je raye. Giliran dia pulak. Lagipun satu hari nanti semua tanggungjawab ini pasti akan perlu dipikul. Sejak duduk rumah sewa saya dapat lebih memahami betapa penatnya menjadi seorang suri rumah. Betapa hebat mak ayah kita.

Masak-masak sempena Aidilfitri.

Sedapnyer dapat makan rendang ayam masakan rumah bersama lemang dibakar sendiri. Lemang diberi oleh abang ipar kami. Dia dan kawan-kawan dia yang bakar lemang-lemang tu. Memang sedap lah, berlemak. Banyak jugak rezeki raya tahun ini. Kuih raya pun setiap sorang beli, last-last nyer banyak la jadi nyer. Sampaikan tak terabis pun. Raya tahun ini kami tak berbelanja banyak sangat pada perhiasan diri. Pakaian simple dan selesa. Tidak perlu 'bling-bling' sangat. Asalkan selesa orang hendak memandang.

Raya pertama kami berkunjung ke rumah jiran sebelah. Berkenal-kenalan dengan anak-anak mak cik sebelah. Ramainya dah kahwin, ada juga yang masih melanjutkan pelajaran. Sorang bekerja di syarikat Petronas di Terengganu. Sorang baru sahaja putus pernikahan..tiada jodoh ler..sume tu ade hikmah nyer. Ade juga yang tua setahun saya. Beliau baru sahaja menghadiri temuduga dan dengar khabar berjaya dapat kerja tersebut. Alhamdulillah. Sorang lagi masih belajar di sekolah asrama penuh. Apabila kita lihat sekeliling kita, kita sedar tiada sesiapa yang sempurna di muka bumi ini. Setiap keluarga pasti ada nya kekurangan yang menyebabkan kita sering mengatakan 'the grass is always greener on the other side'. Suma ini ada hikmahnya. Raya kedua kami berkunjung ke rumah makcik Normah dan saudara-saudara lain. Dapat lah berkenalan dengan sepupu-sepupu yang agak muda bagi saya. InsyaAllah kami akan terus berhubung.
Aizat with his annoying MP3 player.

Mak pun tidak ketinggalan bergaya di hari raya.

Bersiar-siar seluruh luar rumah.

Aizat pura-pura tidur.

Kerja rumah una.

Anak Mak Cik Normah, Amirul, berumur 3 tahun. Beliau sangat lincah.

Ayahchor cek tayar sebelum mulakan perjalanan (government advice)

Lepas 2 minggu raya kena la hantar aizat balik asrama. Abang An antakan. Cepat sikit sampai.


 Then, sebelum balik kami singgah makan di medan selera taiping yang famous dengan yong tau fu.

Raya tahun merupakan raya yang istimewa dan adalah raya pertama Nur Insyirah. (^^,)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Huha Huha Keluarga di Pagi Raya

Gambar-gambar ini saya dapatkan dari kamera ayah saya. So, agak berterabur tarikh-tarikh gambar tersebut. Apa-apa pun gambar-gambar ini sebagai kenangan semasa dalam perjalanan ke rumah sewa saya di Shah Alam. Kami naik kereta sebab nak hantar barang. Kalau tak saya naik keretapi je..jimat sikit kos. Lagipun, mak nak jalan-jalan. Asyik duk rumah je..

Ayah filling the air tire on our way to my rent house in Shah Alam.

Raya tahun ini kami beli-belah raya last minute. Tahun lepas pun camtu gak. Ade la beli beg, baju baru. Raya kan kena pakai benda baru. Alhamdulillah, murah rezeki tahun ini.

 Aizat kebosanan tunggu kitorang bersiap nak gi shoppinh. Aizat ikut pun sebab nak beli seluar. Kalo tak, hmph..xde nyer dye nak ikut.

Sebab nak ngelak sesak parking, kami berbuka je terus dalam kereta. Last minute shopping ni grenti full parking kalo bertolak dari rumah lepas raya. De la kenangan berbuka dalam kereta.

Nokia mak.

Balik-balik je tengok ayah tengah pasang lampu lip-lap kat verandah depan umah.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Perancangan Raya Tahun Ini

Perancangan saya untuk raya tahun ini bertemakan jimat berbelanja tidak membazir..biar simple tapi selesa. Baju raya pun tak perlu lah beratus-ratus bling-bling berkilat sana berkilat sini. Sekurang-kurangnya baju yang dibeli boleh dipakai untuk harian ke tempat kerja, Kill two birds with one stone. So, saya ingin berbelanja lebih kepada kuih raya, perhiasan rumah agar rumah lebih ceria, hadiah untuk keluarga dan sebagai. Memberi lebih bermakna daripada menerima...biarkan orang lain asalkan kita bahagia. Saya harap raya tahun ini akan lebih bermakna.. InsyaAllah...

Tahun ni kene masak kuih raya sendiri la gamok nyer..biasenyer tolong-tolong kakak masak.

I love rendang! Alhamdulillah saya boleh masak rendang. It would be my recepi this year. Hope everyone would like it. InsyaAllah I'll post the recepi just for my recepi collections.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Berbuka puasa di Bot Terbakar...Flamming Steamboat

The Flamming Boat restaurant is located near the Sunway Piramid. This restaurant was recommended by my dear friends. We just paid rm22.80 per head for all the seafood steamboat. That was my first time having steamboat. I'm not into seafood. But last night was an awesome buka puasa. We thought we couldn't find the restaurant. We were 5 minutes late for berbuka then we found the restaurant. There was me, Em, Ni, Ma and Ar. I recommended that restaurant for family gathering dinner. However, the surau is not really comfortable though. So, better solat Maghrib first before going there. So you don't have to get hurry eating.

 Seafood mengenyangkan.

 The delicious steamboat.

 Makanan-makanan laut available.Macam-macam jenis ada.

We decided to have the big feast as we got our first salary yesterday. However, I should be very careful managing the money so that I won't be in financial problem in the future.
So, what I'm going to do with the salary?
- deposit in bank for next semestar fee payment.
- buy baju raya for myself and my parents.
- save some in bank for KWSP
- and so on...pikir lain kali je la.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ish...Mane Disiplin Diri????

Malas nyer rini. nak kene wat jadual tuk diri sendiri bergerak bangun dari katil ni. Asyik duk depan laptop jeh. Do your Work!!!Move!!!!
nak mengarut jap...

Get a shower dengan dettol shower gel with body spounge, colgate and toothbrush, Eumora face foam, pantene shampoo..
Wear green t shirt and cute Hawaiian shorts. Impulse perfume spray, Johnsons baby lotion, Johnsons baby Powder lavender. Wear silver necklace with classic pendant.
Sit in front of the Acer laptop, Science Direct journals papers pen at the side, open folder 'Polymer', create 'problem statement' as much work as possible....workaholic for several hours....................
Housewife transformation. Cook for buka pose.