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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Berbuka puasa di Bot Terbakar...Flamming Steamboat

The Flamming Boat restaurant is located near the Sunway Piramid. This restaurant was recommended by my dear friends. We just paid rm22.80 per head for all the seafood steamboat. That was my first time having steamboat. I'm not into seafood. But last night was an awesome buka puasa. We thought we couldn't find the restaurant. We were 5 minutes late for berbuka then we found the restaurant. There was me, Em, Ni, Ma and Ar. I recommended that restaurant for family gathering dinner. However, the surau is not really comfortable though. So, better solat Maghrib first before going there. So you don't have to get hurry eating.

 Seafood mengenyangkan.

 The delicious steamboat.

 Makanan-makanan laut available.Macam-macam jenis ada.

We decided to have the big feast as we got our first salary yesterday. However, I should be very careful managing the money so that I won't be in financial problem in the future.
So, what I'm going to do with the salary?
- deposit in bank for next semestar fee payment.
- buy baju raya for myself and my parents.
- save some in bank for KWSP
- and so on...pikir lain kali je la.

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