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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Long Hours

It's been 2 weeks since we started our long hours study in lab. It is a bit creepy staying in the faculty in the night. The building is old..i mean old fashion kind of building. And we've heard a quite number of ghost stories lingering in the faculty or something like that.hehe. So for this early stage at 7 pm I'll go to Iza's lab instead of staying in my room all alone. Actually we do have a 'ghost' story and it turn out to be a funny one though.

Two days earlier, as we were going back home. There'll be a white cat waiting for us in front of the lab's door. I did try to recognize it. Looking closely at her eye to confirm that she is a 'cat'. Well, it is.. I guess. I always hope that she won't follow us as we walk down the corridor heading towards the elevator. If she does, I'll definitely run and use the stairs.
However, she does seem scared with us..I was thinking maybe even she is trying to recognize us either we are real 'human'.hehe.Hel said he knows the cat as she always at the faculty's cafe..ok..that's a relief.
Yesterday, the cat didn't appear but I saw her at the cafe in the afternoon. I hope it is her. Kinda miss no.
So, we'll see either she'll be there tonight or not. To be continued..wo~wo~wo~

Of course this is not her. This one too evil.