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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Don't worry,'s just a secret.

No need to worry.
No need to think.
It's just a secret.
A secret kept inside.
Secrets born from dreams.
Dreams that have been kept for whole life.
Dreams that have to be kept deep inside.
Only to be revealed and surprised secretly.
To those that really want to know more.
To realize the truth.
It may seem hiding.
Hiding from people.
Hiding from what others will think.
It is.
No one understands.
People asking why.
The answer is kept inside.
Let it be.
Let it be a secret.
Remains full of secrets.
Born in life full of secrets.
Secrets that can only be revealed in time.
No one…could understand.
Things taken seriously are things really concerned most.
Things not make fun of are things that loved.
Things that could not be shared to any one.
No one.
Small secret.
So small.
Not many people would realize.
So don’t be surprised for who I really am.
Because that’s me.
Whatever happens I am still me.
Let it be a SECRET.

Aim: Oversea Trip

I am aiming to have at least one trip to any oversea country. Actually I would love to go to Europe, however, for beginning, we'll start with Asia. My friend suggesting Hong Kong as it would be winter in around know Christmas.  The major thing is $$$. Therefore, it is essential for me to save $$$ for the trip to happen. InsyaAllah. Ada rezeki, the dream would happen. Honestly, I've never ride airplane. So I really enthusiastic in riding one. Don't really care which long as it flies...perfectly. I hope my friends would do the same thing, safe budget for the day. How much would it be?? Would RM1000 is enough??or more? I don't know. I don't have experience going oversea. Yap. Where there's a will there's a way. Go for it!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Main Layang-layang

First time saya main layang-layang. Seronok sangat! Sampai je di padang layang-layang di Kepong, kelihatan berpuluh-puluh layang  di langit. Different colours and designs. So beautiful. Ramai rupanya main layang-layang di situ. There was Em, Ad and Az. We've tried many times to make the kite fly. Unfortunately, we couldn't. Huhu. Layang-layang tak dapat naik. However, it was a great day. We bought another kite, eagle shaped to try our luck. Tapi, angin tidak menyebelahi kami hari tu.  We'll play another time.

 Layang-layang sotong yang tak terterbang.huhu.

We'll play kites again next time ek.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hello! OooO'O' ;D

I just came to say hello!ngehe...

For the sake of my dearest friends. I'm writing this post. It's been long since I write. Alright. Lets review back what had happened for the past 7 days.
Last week, me, Em and Kak Maz played bowling. We played 3 rounds! I am not very good in bowling. However, guess what, I managed to strike 3 times in a row! Haha. Don't know how it happened. But it did. Lucky me. Hehe. Great night!

The next day, to release stress along with Em and Kak An, we went applying our 'GREAT' vocals at Qualit Hote. Then, unplanned, the same night we met friends of Ad's bf. It was a tiredsome day, however it was a lot of fun.

We spent our weekend camping at Por Dickso. Ad, Ni, Ik and Kha. Crabs. There were a lot of small crabs on the beach. And plenty of rumpai in the water too. We even 'buried' Ik.haha.

Also many other great stuff happened which I couldn't write down all of them here. I'm not a good writer nor a good story teller. Yet, I would love to express my gratitude to everyone for being there whenever I need them and I hope I could do the same (haha..already like 'acknowledgement' part in thesis...LOL)

A lot of experience in so little time. I'm grateful to have such friends around me. I'll be nothing without them. :)

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Di sini, saya ingin kongsikan sedikit petua elakkan/ hilangkan gastrik yang saya dapat.

  1. Makan pada waktu yang tetap/ berjadual. Jangan skip makan.
  2. Makan dengan kerap tapi amount yang sedikit. Tidak terlalu berat pada satu masa.
  3. Minum susu banyak-banyak.
  4. Elakkan makanan pedas (cili burung dsb)
  5. Elakkan makanan masam (asam, oren), bergoreng (keropok, pisang goreng), berempah.
  6. Elakkan minuman dan makanan berangin dan bergas (nescafe, teh, kopi).
  7. Exercise regularly. Menyihatkan otot usus kita.

Gastrik ke??

Gastrik ke saya?? Dari semalam perut ni sakit memulas-mulas. Mula-mula i thought sakit biasa je...perut kosong, masuk angin. But it's already 2 days. Makin pedih ada la. Especially setiap kali menjamah makanan. Setiap kali makan je, pedih perut. Rasa lapar yang sangat pedih, lapar tapi tak ada selera nak makan. Badan pun rasa dedor, demam sikit, pening kepala bila diri lama-lama. My lovely friend told me to drink milk. Minum gak, tapi still pedih.
Sebenarnya, dah pernah dah sakit ni berlaku. Terutamanya waktu duduk di kolej. Maklumlah, nak makan kena turun bawah beli makanan kat kedai. Malas punya pasal, i tend to skip meals. Kesannya, I always get stomach ache especially when I woke up in the morning. Hish..I'm so stubborn.
Lagipun, keluarga memang ada sejarah ulser perut. So, tak impossible la kan.
So I searched in the web on any tips to prevent and to relief gastric pain. Banyak membantu. Minum susu selalu, jangan makan benda yang pedas.
Plus, my mom always told me to avoid eating too much spicy food. Bahaya..Sejak duduk rumah sewa ni, saya suka tambah cili burung dalam makanan. Baru puas makan. Hehe.
Another tips, jangan makan benda goreng, asam (memang saya tak suka asam pun..goodie!), ayam (hmm..susah gak ni), makanan berangin dan banyak lagi lah.
Memang tak dapat dinafikan. Gastrik ni leh berlarutan berhari-hari. So, to avoid this, make sure you don't skip meals. Ikut jadual pemakanan yang betul. 

Pedih, nak muntah pun de. Sakitnye...aduh...hanya tuhan yang tahu.isk...isk...isk... ;(

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Ayam Masak Merah Hitam

(2 servings)

1/4 ayam (perap dengan kunyit dan garam)
1 bawang besar
2 bawang putih
1 cm halia
(tumbuk semua)
3 tbs cili giling
1 tbs sos cili
1 tbs sos tomato
1 tbs kicap
1 tbs sos tiram

How to cook:

  1. Goreng ayam hingga garing. Angkat.
  2. Tumis bahan yang telah ditumbuk
  3. Masukkan cili giling. Sampai naik minyak.
  4. Masukkan sos cili, sos tomato, kicap, sos tiram.
  5. Masukkan ayam tadi dan sedikit air. Kacau. Biar hingga pekat.
  6. Sedia untuk dimakan.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year 2011

Frankly, I am not really fond on celebrating new year. I just followed my friend and couple of her friends hanging out at Port Dickson. I was amazed to see there was so many people camping at the beach. Most of them are families and some group of youngsters. They play futsal, barbeque, fishing and all. It was so live even though it is already 3 in the morning. Everyone is so in celebrating mood plus with our football team achievement last Thursday. Everyone is celebrating. I am celebrating too! Yesterday I bought two beautiful and comfortable shoes in very low price. The shop is having a clearance stock. I was so lucky. At first I though of buying three shoes, but I rejected one, don't waste too much of your money right. Hah. I love my shoes!