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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Debaran Convocation 2010

Tomorrow! Seronok ada, takut pun ada. Macam-macam boleh berlaku esok. Harap semua berjalan lancar. Tidak pernah konvo ni buatkan rasa lebih gelabah. Can't imagine how the day would be. Tomorrow morning gotta wait for my family to arrive. I'll be going to the faculty with them already wearing the robe. I should really try to wear the high heels, kain baju kurung and all. Takut-takut esok susah nak jalan. Although baju tu dah pakai banyak kali. High heels tu pun dah banyak kali pakai. Takut jugak terpele'ot ke. Maklum lah. Dah agak lama tak pakai kasut tinggi. Asyik pakai flat je.

Don't postpone any tasks or you will definitely regret later.

Also, there are several things I've learned for this month. Attention, don't postponed any tasks, or you will regret later. This is one of my bad habit. I tend to postponed the simple tasks. Especially when it comes to financial management. I didn't claim the practical training elaun which I should have done it last year. So, I lose RM200. Then, due to buzy day I've sent the letter to claim last month's salary after the due date in which I didn't realize the actual due bad. I'm really seriously in big trouble for this one. Plus, I need to pay the academic fee on first week of this December in which I'm not sure if I have enough savings in the bank. I hope it is. Big probability it isn't though. Besides that, I didn't report to cancel my account for the broadband. So, it cost me RM250 although I didn't use the service at all. Huh! I never though the independent life would be this complicated. Therefore, I have to...really seriously have to change my habit so that I would never get into this situation again for next years. I really messed up this time. My bad... ;(

Monday, November 29, 2010

Pre Convo

For the convocation this Wednesday we've picked up the costumes including robe, hood and a mortar board. Of course I never use them before. This is my first convocation. My family will come on the same day. Also in the evening, we will have a studio photo-shoot for portrait pictures with my family. Hopefully everything will go on according to plan. Can't wait to meet everyone! :D

1st Time Convocation

This Wednesday would be my first convocation. Can't imagine how that day would be exactly. Never experienced it before. So tomorrow me and my friends need to go to faculty early in the morning to pick up the robes and all the costumes for convo. Then, we'll need to attend a rehearsal in the afternoon. Also at the same time I need to visit the lab to teach my mentee a little bit on the research procedure. Then, of course we are going to have a photoshoot wearing the convocation costumes. Can't wait for the big day!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Long Hours

It's been 2 weeks since we started our long hours study in lab. It is a bit creepy staying in the faculty in the night. The building is old..i mean old fashion kind of building. And we've heard a quite number of ghost stories lingering in the faculty or something like that.hehe. So for this early stage at 7 pm I'll go to Iza's lab instead of staying in my room all alone. Actually we do have a 'ghost' story and it turn out to be a funny one though.

Two days earlier, as we were going back home. There'll be a white cat waiting for us in front of the lab's door. I did try to recognize it. Looking closely at her eye to confirm that she is a 'cat'. Well, it is.. I guess. I always hope that she won't follow us as we walk down the corridor heading towards the elevator. If she does, I'll definitely run and use the stairs.
However, she does seem scared with us..I was thinking maybe even she is trying to recognize us either we are real 'human'.hehe.Hel said he knows the cat as she always at the faculty's cafe..ok..that's a relief.
Yesterday, the cat didn't appear but I saw her at the cafe in the afternoon. I hope it is her. Kinda miss no.
So, we'll see either she'll be there tonight or not. To be continued..wo~wo~wo~

Of course this is not her. This one too evil.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Johor Cuti-cuti

My senior had a wedding last Saturday at her house in Mersing, Johor. We convoyed 4 cars all the way from Shah Alam. Our beloved lecturers Dr Zu and Dr Ma came along bringing their family too. It took about seven hours to arrive there. 

Kak Aishah and her husband watching the tarian zapin performed by the kids.

Orang-orang kampung datang.

Small challetes was booked for the night. We didn't actually planed to stay there but seeing the beautiful beach, then we decided to stay. We had a barbeque that night while watching the final Piala Malaysia football match. Yap. Kelantan won. So Dr Ma very excited about it.

Barbeque at night. The menu include burger,crab filament, sausages,ikan bakar and nasi kenduri kak Aishah.

Barberque yang bajet agak tinggi.wah. Dengan sos pencicah keropok lekor.

Nasib baik sempat masak.

Ikan besar (can't remember the name) sumenye RM10..sangat murah berbanding beli kat pasar malam seekor RM5.

Kak Mazid and Dr Malik's cute daughter, Ain.

Our chef of the night Dr Malik.

Motor gedabak orang sewa sebelah chalet (xde kena mengena dengan percutian kami).

The next day, on the way back to Shah Alam we stopped at Ayer Hitam for some shopping. Ramai yang beli teddy bears and pillows. The prices are pretty cheap..not bad. Tengok semua orang bersemangat nak beli, saya pun beli la satu. Sebagai kenangan.

I bought a cute love shape pillow.