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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Macam-macam Dugaan..namun...

Yesterday was a hectic day. Me and my friend were asked by our supervisor to conduct a class as he got some business to deal with. So, I've planned to borrow Kak Em's scooter to go to the class (Plan A) as the class is pretty far fro my faculty. However, suddenly the scooter wouldn't start. I don't know why. Even a guy nearby has tried starting the engine but he also can't. So, I borrowed Hafi's motorcycle instead (Plan B). Ok..the engine can be started easily. As it was less than 5 minutes left for the class to start, I accelerate and drove faster and used an illegal short cut (which this short cut is actually a one way road..risky that one). On the way, I was nearly put a scratch on a red Honda Civic that parked (also illegally) at the side of the road. Alhamdulillah..I managed to avoid that car. Then, when we arrived at the faculty we took a long time to figure out where the parking spot for motorcycle. Yap..the parking spot was a bit too far for me. So, I just parked someplace nearer (which my motorcycle is the only vehicle parked at that row). I was just hoping the guards won't see our motorbike. Then, Alhamdulillah..we  managed to arrived on time. 
So we've been tested with a lot of hardships that really test our patience. And the hadiah is we were able to have our lunch at out favourite restaurant not long time ago..before we move to the current house. Plus, our supervisor gave us elaun (a.k.a. treat) for helping him conducting the class.

This is not me of course..hehe.

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