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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Hell's Kitchen!

"Dear me,
I'm kinda depressed right now. This is all happened in the cooking. I'm a bit mad for them not listening to me when I told them to do so. They'll say that it is too much. That's too over...bla..bla..bla... Now looks what happened. Sigh...when it comes to cooking there should not be more than 1 chef."

Those are my feelings this evening. However, now it was nothing but a bump on the road. Everyone make mistakes even myself who often forgetting stuff and all that. That's what friends for. We should help each other, sharing, caring, forgive and forget. Of course some cases it is important to put ourselves first. Nonetheless, it won't be a crime to help others. Plus, we will definitely experience the joyfulness of having your friends with you. The Cadbury commercial motto, 'Share the joy'. The more the merrier.

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