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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Don't worry,'s just a secret.

No need to worry.
No need to think.
It's just a secret.
A secret kept inside.
Secrets born from dreams.
Dreams that have been kept for whole life.
Dreams that have to be kept deep inside.
Only to be revealed and surprised secretly.
To those that really want to know more.
To realize the truth.
It may seem hiding.
Hiding from people.
Hiding from what others will think.
It is.
No one understands.
People asking why.
The answer is kept inside.
Let it be.
Let it be a secret.
Remains full of secrets.
Born in life full of secrets.
Secrets that can only be revealed in time.
No one…could understand.
Things taken seriously are things really concerned most.
Things not make fun of are things that loved.
Things that could not be shared to any one.
No one.
Small secret.
So small.
Not many people would realize.
So don’t be surprised for who I really am.
Because that’s me.
Whatever happens I am still me.
Let it be a SECRET.


nur syuhada said...

Lagu ke nh zai?

iQBaL HaSBuLLaH said...

care to share if u want to share..
secret also can be a poison.

zai said...

@nur syuhada:hehe.leh wat lagu ke?leh dpt royalti nih.hehe.

@iqbal hasbullah:u r rite. The longer it is kept the more poisonous it will become. However, some secrets can only be shared to certain individu. Depending on who that person is and will him or her willing to listen. ngehe~ ;b

iQBaL HaSBuLLaH said...

"him" ?

why not "her" ?