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Thursday, April 18, 2013

You Remain My Most Favourite Thing

Ini lagu Favourite Thing oleh Yuna. I love most of her songs. Well, semua kot. Hihi.

Lirik dia,
It's in the way you drink your coffee
And how you have faith in me
And you love your cameras and you tell me that I'm good enough
Boy, you bobber up my heart.

And all the things that I used to be afraid of
Suddenly it all disappear

And you remain my most favourite thing
and everywhere I go you're here with me
and you remain my most favourite thing
and all the time I keep you near me

The way you look out of the window
And you stay because you know
It wasn't your intention but you can't help but to crash in
Like the way I've been waiting for.

When I feel like the world has turned its back on me
when I feel all alone and I'm left with nobody
Oh, when people wanted me to be somebody else
But you love me completely.

To the one I love.

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