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Friday, December 31, 2010

Jumaat Cuti! Yeay!

Esok cuti! Yeay! Malaysia menang! Ramai orang balik kampung minggu ni. Highway kompem jam. Tapi saya dah balik dah minggu lepas.hehe. Walaupun cuti sok, saya tetap kena pergi ke fakulti. Kena la kuarkan sample dari vacuum oven tuh. Nanti hangus lak. Then, siang tadi supervisor suh siapkan several tasks before Isnin depan. Huh. Challenge tuh. Banyak gak benda kena pikir. Kena pikir title, nak fokus pasal ape, bentuk data yang nak ditelak, what can you tell from the results, the conclusion from the discussions. Chaiyok!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

I just don't get it!

"I just don't get it! People do act evil sometimes. I don't know... it's weird and awkward. Feels like I don't know them anymore. Who are they?? They are not like the usual. There's nothing wrong to sacrifice a bit. It won't kill. I'm very disappointed at this moment. I couldn't imagine how could they do that to other people. It's pointless! That's just not them. I don't know what came over them. It was like they are too ego to share what they have with those desperate people. I do understand how they feel. Desperate in needing help as a 'student'. Yes... very much thanks to her for giving me the help while I needed them the most. Now, it's my turn. I really want to do the same thing. Who knows.. maybe next time would be our own siblings. Urgh...I am very disappointed. Totally disappointed. Although it is a small matter, deep down you could see what people are after. When I ask others' opinion about it. Of course they would say 'manusia...biasa la...'. So why don't we act like not 'manusia' this time. Come one! It's not a big huge problem to share what you have with others. It won't kill you. You won't even going to lose it. You will get it back. It's not permanent. I mean...come on man!!! Urgh~ pointless ego s**t old dewasa stuff."

Hmmm...well..of one is perfect. We make mistakes. Ambil ia sebagai pengajaran. Seringkali kita tidak menyangka perbuatan kita ini sebenarnya sedang menyakitkan hati insan lain.  Percakapan kita menjatuhkan air muka sahabat kita sendiri. Seringlah mengingatkan diri kita sendiri berhati-hati agar tidak bertindak mengikut nafsu dan hasutan syaitan. Beristighfar adalah jalan yang terbaik...

Do your best! Show them what you got!

We have been postponing our yearly progress report presentation for 2 weeks already. That's not good. A lot of excuses were given on the actual date. However, it is one's own decision either to present on that day or not. If they ask me of course I would immediately answer no, if I could forever no. However, frankly speaking that definitely would not happen. By hook or by crook I have to present before the end of this month. Next week is the best week. InsyaAllah, I'll prepared myself to present my slides next Tuesday. It may not be the best slide, however it is the best slide for the time being. I have to strive for the best. Furthermore, I'll have an interview in Putrajaya for the scholarship application. In that interview I would be needed to present my slide in front of the panels. Therefore, it would be very beneficial if I managed to present before the interview day. At least I would be a lot more prepared. InsyaAllah, I'll do my best and hopefully I could make them accept and understand of what I am and what I will be doing for the next one and a half year.

Sunday, December 12, 2010