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Friday, April 30, 2010

Fruity Sundae

I've created a very simple dessert recipe. I made it was for my friend's birthday party. This recepi is so simple yet delicously yummy.

1 box of ice cream (any flavour...vanila is much better...I used vanilla with raspberry flavor)
3 kiwis
1 bunch of grapes (adding strawberry and peach would be much yummy)
2 packs of Oreo Chocolate with Vanilla Cream

How to:
1. Cut the fruits into small slices.  
    Potong dadu/hiris buah-buah.
2. Crunch the Oreo biscuits.
    Hancur halus biskut Oreo.
3. If got strawberry, munch the strawberry into sauce.
    Kalau de strawberi, hancurkan sampai jadi sos.
4. Pour the ice cream until half of the bowl. Pour in the strawberry sauce. Sprinkle crunched Oreo on top, followed by the cut fruits.
   Masukkan ais krim sampai separuh mangkuk. Letal sos strawberi. Tabur Oreo hancur dan buah potong.
5. Then, make a second layer. Pour all the ice cream, the strawberry sauce, sprinkle the Oreo on top, followed by the cut fruits.
   Ulang sekali lagi untuk lapisan ke-2. (Simpan sikit Oreo hancur untuk ditabur masa nak hidang-kekalkn kerangupan Oreo)
6. Freeze the sundae in the fridge for about half an hour. Then, enjoy the sundae.

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